A Look at Weather Models and Possible Windstorms Next Weekend

This is a speculation of current weather models looking at a possibly very stormy period: next Thursday through Sunday. The current forecast is for wet and windy weather. Stay tuned to Puget Sound Weather Geek on the Facebook Page for updates!

**Weather models past four days in the future are used to loosely predict patterns and trends, not specific weather events. This is not a forecast, and the actual outcome is not certain. Please use the National Weather Service for actual forecasts**

GFS: Deep low matures at 140w Thursday before lazily approaching the NW and weakening upon arrival on Saturday. Another strong low develops and takes the typical curve north to landfall near Haida Gwaii. Result for us: Strong fronts with heavy precip. and blustery winds. Strong winds on the coast.

GFS Model: Reds and yellows highlight area of lowest pressure.

ECMWF: Weakening, but strong 961mb low landfalls on north Vancouver Island Friday. This would bring very windy conditions to Northwest late Friday. Meanwhile another strong low develops and wallops north Vancouver Island AGAIN at 964mb. More strong winds from this, but the slightly further north track keeps winds weaker than Friday storm.

ECMWF (EURO) Model: Reds and yellows highlight area of lowest pressure.

CMC Canadian: Both systems track further north than GFS/ECMWF and result only frontal winds and precip. This model does bring strong low into Vancouver Island Tuesday.

Conclusion: Trend remains stormy, strong surface low development is agreed upon by models, but location, track, Ā strength and timing of themĀ are not certain.

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