The Beginning of Stormy Weather

As the meteorologists eye the weather models, I think it’s time to get the raincoats ready! Stormy weather is on the horizon and I’m excited!

It has been a graceful transition from summer to fall so far. Warm and sunny days were replaced with mild temps and mixed sun, clouds and showers. Not too bad! We’ll get a pretty dramatic shift this weekend though.

Some showers are expected through the weekend as a cold upper level low swings over us. The cold air aloft may also pop off a few heavy thunderous showers Saturday afternoon.

Next week looks rainy. A few typical fall weather systems will bring in the northwest wet stuff and cooler temperatures. The days of most concentrated rainfall looks to be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’m going to keep my eye on the next week. Confidence in the weather models starts to fall apart after about five days, but if this stays consistent then very stormy weather is possible starting the second week of October. It’s that time of year!

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