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Small Changes this Weekend.

You may have noticed that this Winter has been wet and well above the normal temperatures.  You may have even given up all hope for a normal Winter and accepted that Winter is already over. Well, not so fast!

Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th and Nature is here to remind us that. The computer models are finally signaling a shift in the weather pattern coming soon. By this weekend a cold air mass will begin intruding towards western Washington, butting up against the eastern Cascade peaks.

The result will still be milder than usual with highs in the mid 50s. Night-time lows will drop down into the 30s through the weekend, giving us a little taste of winter. The snow level will drop enough that some ski areas in our mountains might make up a little bit of snow, however likely not enough to replenish the historical lack of snow this season.

Next week will be mostly dry, maintaining mild temperatures.

If you’re interested in learning about the weather or meeting others interested in weather in our region, be sure to check out the Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop being held at the National Weather Service in Sandpoint on Feb. 27-28! If you can’t visit, then you can catch up on all the topics discussed when I write up an article about it when it’s over. 


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What Winter?!

There seems to be nothing Winter-like about this Winter! I suppose we’ve skipped Winter and jumped straight into Spring because there’s hardly any snow in the mountains (15″ on Snoqualmie) and we’ve hit multiple high temperature records this season. Continue reading

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Week Long Storm Shooting Gallery

It’s pretty stormy out there! Heavy rain and winds peaking in the low 40mph occurred Friday morning and more heavy rain and wind has been the story for Saturday as well.  The cause is yet another strong atmospheric river setup bringing in loads of warm tropical moisture. Continue reading

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Superbowl Weekend and Beyond

Happy Friday evening everyone! Thick fog is blanketing the region right now, and the KOMO Air 4 Helicopter captured some AMAZING images from above Seattle as the sun set. Continue reading

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Big Changes Ahead – Rainy Friday, Warm and Dry Weekend

Hey there! We’re going to start going through some fairly dramatic weather changes in the next few days so I’ll fill you in on the details. Continue reading

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A Stormy Weekend

Good Friday evening everyone! Mother nature sure must hate weekends, because we’re going to get slammed with heavy rain and blustery winds this Saturday and Sunday. Continue reading

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The Week Ahead – Atmospheric Rivers

Good morning! We’re starting the week off similarly to how last week ended; with more thick fog filling up the Puget Sound. This foggy and mild pattern will hold until late in the week. On Thursday, a strong frontal system may impact the region with some stormy weather playing out mostly on Thursday night into Friday morning. Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Recap – Clearing Out and Warmer

Hey everyone, happy new year! I’ve returned from my holiday trip in Switzerland, and it was amazing: Continue reading

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Christmas Week Weather

Welcome to the first week of Christmas. It’s a time of joyful reunions, gift giving, and chaotic travel. All of which may be affected by this week’s weather. Lets get into what you’ll see. Mother Nature will be bringing her bag of jumbled weather surprises for the week, most of which will cause complications for holiday travelers, and ski areas in the mountains. Continue reading

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Approaching Christmas Weather

Good evening everyone! Christmas is exactly one week away and it’s looking like the weather will be ramping up quite a bit before we get there. Continue reading

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