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This Week’s Windstorm Threats

We’re in the wet and windy season in the Pacific Northwest, which is going to become much more evident over the next week. If you live in the Puget Sound region you should keep up to date with the latest information from the National Weather Service and other media sources, because forecasts can change quickly.

First, here’s an update on the wind/rain event Tuesday night into Wednesday. We’re still set to see a round of heavy rain accompanying moderate winds in the Puget Sound. The forecasting computer models have changed slightly and delayed the arrival of the system, so now we’re looking at the wind and rain to arrive early Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night. The strongest winds will be prevalent at around 8:00am.

The next weather event that will be watched closely by anyone that follows weather in our region will arrive this Saturday.  This storm is predicted to rapidly develop off the Oregon/California coast.  It will then take a classic major windstorm track from the south and make landfall near the opening of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If the models maintain this track and strength up to the event, we could be looking at a damaging wind event along with heavy rainfall.

Only three days after this potentially serious storm system, we could be facing yet another impactful event next Tuesday. This time it would be from the remnants of the late Hurricane Ana that missed Hawaii.

Stay tuned for model analysis and updates here on PSWxGeek!

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Full Swing Autumn!

We can thank a small ridge of high pressure for the awesomely comfortable weekend in the middle of fall. However, things are going to quickly change this week.


Updated Monday 10.20.2014: We’re looking at some potentially strong winds and stormy weather, as a number of heavy rain and high wind producing storms smash onto the coasts this week.

Monday: The first storm of the week swung a slow moving front into the area Sunday night. It brought some heavy showers and rain bands. Showers are going to persist around the Puget Sound for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. The storm is still harboring some cold and unstable air which could spark some storms. The highest chance will be near the coasts.

Tuesday: Tuesday will start out mostly rain free in the morning with a few showers possible, however this will quickly change in the afternoon as the weather will take a turn for the worst. A small but potent system looks like it will rapidly strengthen as it rockets across the Pacific and slams into central Vancouver island. The system will create a heavy dousing of rain region wide, as well as a possibility of strong winds. Three Tree, and Alki Point could see gusts above 40mph while the Straight of Juan de Fuca could be looking at gusts up to 65mph! A very daunting possibility for residents along the Puget Sound as well as mariners and the shipping industry.

These forecasts could change in the next 48 hours, so stay tuned for a scheduled update Tuesday night.

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A Windy and Stormy Day.

A rotating upper level low pressure system will spin onto our shores this morning. As a result, there will be some interesting weather across the region throughout the day. Continue reading

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A Weather Prediction Confusion – Possible Thunder Tonight (Tuesday)

There seems to be a fundamental disagreement between a couple of the supercomputers that generate forecasting weather models. Continue reading

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Another Round of Rough Weather

Saturday’s weather bewildered us when heavy rain, lightning and even a tornado tore through the Puget Sound region. Continue reading

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Scattered Thunderstorms and Tornado!!

It’s been a very active morning/early afternoon weather wise! This morning, a low pressure system ushered in a very unstable and volatile atmosphere sparking thunderstorms across the entire region. Continue reading

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The Storm Train Begins

There isn’t much hope for a continuation of summer ahead. Light rain and showers will condition us this weekend for the soaking of next week. Continue reading

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Summer Extension Period Coming to an End.

It seems as if summer has been given an extension period into the first few weeks of fall! Continue reading

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A Cozy Autumn Day

Rain showers are meandering through the Puget Sound region this evening as a storm front that passed through today moves away. The consistent cloud cover and intermittent showers, combined with this evening’s early sunset, gave today a strong “Autumn-like” feel. A perfect day to sit inside and watch the cool and wet weather pass by. Continue reading

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The Effects of Tonight’s Strong Frontal System

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