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Last Storm Before Big Change

Hey everyone! I regret to inform those of you who are sick of our winter that we have ANOTHER strong storm moving in.

The typical impacts (albeit a little more windy) are expected from this system Friday night.

  • Quick surge of rainfall in the evening
  • Blustery winds 25 – 40mph along the Puget Sound
  • Showery after the front passes

Oh what? Is that spring around the corner? I think it is!

BAM! Spring weather. WeatherUnderground.com

Wow, I haven’t seen a forecast that warm and not rainy for months!  This sudden arrival of nice weather is the signature of a “high pressure ridge”; imagine it as a big moving dome of air which tamps down on any clouds or rain under it.

Not to say that we’ve moved on to another season (more storms possible by the middle of February, sorry) but this is a great treat for those of us who miss the Vitamin D and not wearing coats.

Enjoy it!

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Bring on The Super-Soaker Weather System

A warm and soggy batch of moisture is marching across the Pacific Ocean, and within 48 hours it’s going to be pointed right at us.

We’ve had a couple of these “atmospheric rivers” so far this season, but I’m going to call this one the Super Soaker for dramatic effect.

Here’s what you can expect from this week’s Super Soaker: 

  • Big heap of rainfall Wednesday afternoon through Thursday.
  • Blustery winds too.
  • Balmy temperatures from the tropically imported air. Highs close to 60°F!

Forecasts for Friday and into the weekend are a little less sure. An upper level system looks to cool things down and spawn a few showers mixed with sun breaks as well.

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The Storms That Led to a Burien Mudslide

A barrage of strong Pacific storms brought nearly relentless bouts of heavy rainfall during the last week, worrying officials who look for signs of landslides and flooding in Western Washington.

Sea-Tac Airport as of Tuesday night, had accumulated over three inches of rainfall during the last three days; more than enough to warrant the National Weather Service and the Department of Natural Resources to warn of extreme landslide danger in the south Puget Sound.

The final straw on Tuesday was the thick swath of moisture fed by tropical air which stalled over the Northwest and dumped inches of rainfall into already saturated and weak hill soils.

The unfortunate consequence was the give-away of a hill on Standring Ln. which destroyed one house and prompted the evacuation of five others.

Here in Burien, we’re all too familiar with the danger of landslides. We’ve lost homes before, and there are many neighborhoods that sit on or near verified slide danger zones.

Luckily, it appears that the majority of the heavy rainfall has passed at least for today (Wednesday). Heavy rain is expected to return on Thursday and Friday, when the threat of high wind will also be in the picture.

Stay vigilant about your nearby hills and cliffs during, and after this active weather spree. Some slides occur after the storms have passed.

Stay safe, and keep updated on the weather by following the Puget Sound Weather Geek Facebook Page

Here is a list of information about landslides in Western Washington:

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A Weather Punching Bag for a Week.

Nature has decided that it hates the Northwest and that it’s going to use us as it’s punching bag for the next few days. We’re going to take a beating from the weather this week.

All models and forecasts are pointing to a super wet and windy next few days.

Global Forecasting System Weather Model. NOT a definitive forecast.

Green = Rain | Blue = Snow | Closer the black lines = Stronger the wind

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Right after the other! Some of these storms may have strong winds. After Thursday’s failed windstorm forecast, future windstorm predictions will be released with full disclosure of uncertainty in the forecast.

Stay updated to Puget Sound Wx Geek for the latest weather updates!

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STORM REPORT: Intense Cyclone To Bring Windstorm to Puget Sound

A large weather system has explosively intensified off the CA/OR coast and is barreling towards the Northwest as a potent cyclone. This may be a big windstorm folks. Continue reading

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Western Washington Wiped Off The Drought Map

The “Washington Drought” was a BIG deal this year. Drought conditions began to emerge last winter when temperatures were much warmer than usual. Strangely, there was not a huge deficit of soggy weather systems, and in fact rainfall amounts were above normal in December. Continue reading

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“One-Two Punch” Storm System To Bring Damaging Winds & Flooding to Western Washington

Winds, rain & snow, oh my! This is the time of year for storminess in the Northwest, but rarely do we see this much weather in such a short period of time. Stay tuned to the Puget Sound Weather Geek Facebook page, and blog for the latest updates on this week’s exciting weather! Continue reading

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IN THE FORECAST: Get Ready for a Wet Halloween Weekend!

Mother Nature is participating in Halloween this year, and it’s arriving with a dousing of rain. Not cool. Continue reading

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LAST YEAR’S WEATHER: October 25th 2014 Windstorm

Exactly one year from today a strong storm arrived to the Pacific Northwest and battered trees and power grids for a number of hours during the evening. The result was numerous trees down and loss of power to over 150,000 households and businesses. Continue reading

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WEATHER REPORT: Stormy Saturday!

There was an incredible spree of stormy weather this Saturday as a potent cold front impacted Western Washington. Continue reading

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