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HOLIDAY HEATWAVE: How Hot Will your 4th Be?

This is the time of year where Puget Sound residents start to get a little cranky about the heat. Lets look into the forecast for your Independence Day Weekend to see how much complaining you’ll hear from your friends and family.

  • Friday: (NWS: 88°F) “Are we there yet?” If you’re traveling on the 3rd, it’s going to be a long and warm trip with the traffic and the heat. Thank goodness for car A/C.
  • 4th of July: (NWS: 86°F) “This isn’t so bad!” Fortunately, an upper level low pressure system will be passing over our Canadian neighbors to the north which will make the 4th reasonably cooler than the rest of the weekend.
  • Sunday: (NWS: 93°F) “I’m going to die.” We’re expected to reach record breaking heat on the 5th as the high pressure rebuilds.
  • Monday: (NWS: 88°F) “Is this from global warming or something?” As the following week restarts, temperatures will still break into the upper 80s.

We’re in the midst of a weather pattern that places a large area of high pressure directly over the Western U.S. This nearly unbreakable system is responsible for the long duration and intensity of our above average heat.

Currently a Heat Advisory is in effect for the Puget Sound Metro Area. The advisory warns of high temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s for Thursday and Friday.

Besides the heat and the following complaints this Independence Weekend, the weather will be absolutely beautiful, so enjoy it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the lack of rain so far this summer soil and plant moisture is very low meaning: FIREWORKS CAN START VERY DANGEROUS FIRES if unattended by adults or not put out properly. Please be careful!

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WEATHER REPORT: Early Morning Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms rumbled through the South Puget Sound and Cascade foothills early Monday morning (2:00 – 5:00 a.m.). Frequent lightning lit up the horizon for a beautiful, yet ominous display. Continue reading

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IN THE FORECAST: Weekend Heatwave & Possible Thunderstorm Outbreak

Hey folks! Summer is certainly here and you have two weather possibilities for this weekend: Hot…or stormy. Lets talk about it! Continue reading

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Early Summer in Western Washington

UW WRF-GFS 500mb (20,000ft) Temps/Heights.

We’ve turned a corner folks. On day one of June 2015, the seven day forecasts lit up with sunshine and double digit temperatures that began with 8! Washington’s “fair weather fans” rejoice! Continue reading

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The Weather Element of Shell’s Oil Exploration‏

An international controversy has broken out and Seattle is caught in the cross-hairs. The oil giant Shell is planning an exploratory mission to start drilling in the Chukchi Sea north of Alaska. Continue reading

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Return of The Thunderstorms

What to Expect May 5th 2015:

  • It’s a sweater wearing day. Cooler temperatures in the mid 50s.
  • Hold on to your hat! Gusty winds (15-25mph) continue through the day.
  • Time your dog walks. Showers will intermittently interrupt the sunshine through the morning into early afternoon.
  • Keep your eye on the sky. Showers will liven up with lightning, thunder, or small hail this afternoon.
  • When thunder roars, head indoors. Beware of dangerous lightning, watch the weather from the safety of your home, or on my live stream!

Continue reading

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Drought Explanation and El Niño Outlook

Last week I wrote an article about diminishing water concerns. In less than a week after I published that article, Governor Jay Inslee and the NWS declared drought for 44% of Washington. Why are there mixed messages? Continue reading

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Water Concerns Diminish

There’s been some good news for the western Washington region that will, at least for now, quiet the concerns of local residents. The water outlook for western Washington is looking better. Continue reading

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Multi-day Thunderstorm Outbreak

For the last few days, thunderstorms have dotted western Washington; stunning photographers, weather enthusiasts, and commuters. Lightning, heavy rain, and a blanket of hail struck the I-5 corridor on Tuesday (3-31) and Wednesday (4-1). Continue reading

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In The Spring Swing This Week

Some exciting weather may be on the way early this week, and I’ll be watching “from the sidelines” in warm and clear Phoenix, Arizona. A cold front will drop some light to moderate rain into western Washington tonight (Monday), and will also drop the temperatures down a few notches for the next few days. Continue reading

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