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“One-Two Punch” Storm System To Bring Damaging Winds & Flooding to Western Washington

Winds, rain & snow, oh my! This is the time of year for storminess in the Northwest, but rarely do we see this much weather in such a short period of time. Stay tuned to the Puget Sound Weather Geek Facebook page, and blog for the latest updates on this week’s exciting weather!

Multiple storm systems are churning and building strength over the Pacific Ocean and their predicted effects have been dynamically changing over the past 48 hours. I will break up the storm’s impacts into two sections.

STORM 1: Monday, November 16th. 

The center of Storm 1 is actually striking hundreds of miles away in British Columbia. The front of the storm extends over a thousand miles in the Pacific Ocean, this storm is BIG.

STORM 1 Impacts: 1:00pm – 4:00am Tuesday. 

  • Heavy rain to the Olympic foothills and rivers. [Flood Watch]
  • Heavy snow (up to 2 feet) over the tops of the Olympic and Cascade mountains. [Winter Storm Warning]
  • High winds to the northern Puget Sound and Washington/Oregon coasts, as well as strong gusts to the northern Olympic peaks. [Wind Advisory]

Seattle, Burien, and Tacoma are expected to get heavy rain at times (most of it will be blocked by the Olympic Mountains), and moderate winds gusting up to 35mph.

STORM 2: Tuesday, November 17th.

Now this is a sneaky storm. This storm is also landing hundreds of miles north into Canada. The potential damage won’t come from it’s strength or track.

This storm’s force will come from a “trifecta interaction” between the low pressure of storm itself, a huge hill of high pressure pressing down on the Pacific ocean, and another strong storm further out to sea. This combination will create a “squeezing” effect of the winds into Washington.

Soils will be packed full of water accumulated from the last few storms we’ve had. Consequently, Trees may be more likely to topple in high winds. Be sure to prepare your power outage supplies.

STORM 2 Impacts: 10:00am – 4:00pm. 

  • More heavy rain & snow to the mountains.
  • Heavy rain to the south and north Puget Sound.
  • Potentially Damaging Winds…35-55 miles per hour. [High Wind Watch]

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IN THE FORECAST: Get Ready for a Wet Halloween Weekend!

Mother Nature is participating in Halloween this year, and it’s arriving with a dousing of rain. Not cool.

Thursday: Showery and mild. An unsettled transitional period will make for a mostly grey day with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s.

Friday: Oh boy, here it comes. The wind and rain will start picking up in the morning, before subsiding slightly during the afternoon. The models then show the moisture and rainfall ramping up and hitting it’s crescendo late in the evening.

It’s going to be POURING in the Cascade and Olympic mountains where flooding of some streams and rivers may become an issue.

HalloweenAfter a night of dousing rain, you’re going to wake up to…more rain?! This relentless river of thick moisture suspended in the atmosphere is going to continue to drench the Northwest through Saturday morning until the atmospheric river slides southward and impacts Oregon and northern California.

At this point, it looks like night-time Halloween festivities will only have to deal with occasional showers rather than the persistent downpour predicted for Friday.

Sunday: Showers will be prevalent yet again as the upper level system churns south and destabilizes the atmosphere. Sunday will also bring the mountains their first chance of good snowfall.

Keep in mind that forecasts can shift quickly in the short-term, so stay tuned. I will have more details as the weekend nears.

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LAST YEAR’S WEATHER: October 25th 2014 Windstorm

Exactly one year from today a strong storm arrived to the Pacific Northwest and battered trees and power grids for a number of hours during the evening. The result was numerous trees down and loss of power to over 150,000 households and businesses. Continue reading

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WEATHER REPORT: Stormy Saturday!

There was an incredible spree of stormy weather this Saturday as a potent cold front impacted Western Washington. Continue reading

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IN THE FORECAST: Impacts from Hurricane Oho.

Post-Tropical Storm Oho Impacts: 

  • Increasing rainfall beginning Friday. Heaviest on the coast and Olympic Mountains.
  • Breezy to gusty conditions in the Puget Sound.
  • Mild & humid air.

Continue reading

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WEATHER PHOTOGRAPHY: How to Take Pictures of Lightning!

After telling people that I photograph thunderstorms and lightning I usually get a slew of questions and comments about how fast my “trigger finger” must be. This is where I start my little lecture on the methods (and simplicity) of photographing lightning. Continue reading

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Autumn: Then & Now.

Autumn! A time for changing leaves, going back to school, and …spectacular crystal clear skies and warm weather..? This doesn’t seem right. Continue reading

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IN THE FORECAST: A Seasonal Tug-of-War.

After a wonderful “last hurrah” of summer this last week, a large trend in the long range weather models is forming. In the short term however, things are more complicated. Continue reading

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IN THE FORECAST: Back to Warm Weather Again!

The last time we had a dry day above 75°F was ten days ago. Since then we’ve had scattered rain, cooler temperatures, thunderstorms, and even a windstorm. Continue reading

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STORM REPORT: Summer Windstorm Upon Us!

Winds will dramatically increase late Saturday morning (11am) as a potent and unseasonable low pressure system slams into the Olympic Peninsula. Continue reading

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