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The Weather Disturbance That Stuck Around…

The past week’s weather has been sort of a roller coaster. Temperatures hovered in the 60s, there were rain-showers, scattered clouds, sunshine and even thunderstorms.

The most dramatic storms peaked on Saturday, when lightning, flooding, and even funnel clouds and possible tornadoes were spotted!

This is due to an upper level disturbance that hovered around the region and just would not leave. The very cold air circulating around this disturbance in the upper atmosphere created an unstable environment which spawned thunderstorms across the region, from south of Olympia and Tacoma to North Seattle.

Full radar loop from Saturday, June 18th. You can see storms pummeling through the region in the later part of the afternoon.

Here’s an animation of the models starting Tuesday, June 15th. As you can see the center of the low (the black box with the ‘L’ in it) floated around for almost six days.

Looking ahead, this upper level system isn’t done. It is expected to weaken and slowly drift through Washington accompanied by some scattered showers and should exit the region by Tuesday.

Happy Fathers Day!

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Awesome Northwest Weather Visualization

I found an awesome website that visualizes a decade of rainfall, wildfire, thunderstorm and other climatic information in Washington, Oregon and California.

When you open up the page, you’ll see a map of Washington and the timeline on the bottom of the page will begin to scroll, indicating time passing by.  The blue orbs over the state will fluctuate based on the amount of rainfall received, and small symbols will pop up representing wildfires, thunderstorms, or droughts. (Ignore the hurricane symbol, this site was created in Europe and I think that they mistook ‘wind event’ for ‘hurricane’.)

Enjoy a few minutes of visualizing Washington’s dramatically variable climate!

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Severe Weather Situation Eastern Washington & Oregon

Today the SPC has forecast a slight risk of severe thunderstorms for a portion of southeast Washington, northeast Oregon and Idaho for this afternoon. This risk highlights scattered thunderstorms that could produce heavy rain and hail. Continue reading

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Flare Up Heat Wave

It’s the first weekend of June, and summer’s already here! Stay cool, hydrated, and sun screened because the temperatures will reach into the upper 80s and low 90s on Sunday. Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Sunday’s Windstorm

Hey folks, this is going to be a fairly straight forward article about what to expect, what the probabilities are, and how to prepare for Sunday’s windstorm forecast. Continue reading

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Decoding the Area Forecast Discussion

If you want to start learning more about weather in our region (and impress your friends with your weather geekiness), there is one resource that you should routinely check. The Area Forecast Discussion(AFD) written by the National Weather Service (NWS). Continue reading

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Stumping the Forecasters

Every once in a while a series of atmospheric systems comes together to make the weather forecasters scratch their head in puzzlement. This is one of those times. Continue reading

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Last Storm Before Big Change

Hey everyone! I regret to inform those of you who are sick of our winter that we have ANOTHER strong storm moving in. Continue reading

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Bring on The Super-Soaker Weather System

A warm and soggy batch of moisture is marching across the Pacific Ocean, and within 48 hours it’s going to be pointed right at us. Continue reading

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The Storms That Led to a Burien Mudslide

A barrage of strong Pacific storms brought nearly relentless bouts of heavy rainfall during the last week, worrying officials who look for signs of landslides and flooding in Western Washington. Continue reading

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