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Approaching Christmas Weather

Good evening everyone! Christmas is exactly one week away and it’s looking like the weather will be ramping up quite a bit before we get there.

We’ll start off the weekend excessively wet. A few frontal systems will bring widespread rain and Saturday’s system will bring noticeably heavier rain to the foothills and some areas in the Puget Sound. In short, expect a wet weekend.

As is usual for this time of year, the wet weather will also be accompanied by some breezy winds. High wind is possible for the North Interior and Coastal areas, yet winds aren’t expected to top 45mph along the central and south Puget Sound. A pretty unremarkable wind event, so not really much to worry about.

Now for the big question…will it snow on Christmas? Short answer is probably not, seeing as historically, we have a 7% chance of seeing a white Christmas. However, the models are starting to show some interesting things that might give some hopes for those of you looking for snow on the ground Christmas morning.

A pool of much colder air will drop down from Canada into the Pacific Northwest starting around Christmas eve, but how much moisture there will be in the atmosphere and the chance of snow is unsure.

I’ll be taking a vacation out of the country on the 22nd and I’ll be back January 3rd, so there will be an absence of posts.  I’ll be sure to update the snow possibility before I leave!

Have a good holiday season!

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Damaging Windstorm Update Article

UPDATED December 11th 7:00 PM: Hi everyone! This will be brief, I just got home and the winds are already starting to howl to over 50mph! Continue reading

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Record Breaking High Temps, and a Potentially Damaging Wind Storm!

Not sure which is more impressive, tomorrow’s possible wind storm or today’s record high temperatures in the upper 60s…in December! Thursday’s wind storm would certainly be more impactful, so lets get into that. Continue reading

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Prepare for a Wet Week!

You wouldn’t be blamed for taking this time of the year to escape the Northwest and visit some other warmer..or drier place. If you enjoy this wet or stormy weather however, then you’ll be excited about next week! Continue reading

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Temps Rise, Rain Returns – Thawing Out

We’ll be slowly crawling out of our cold spell throughout this week, but until we’ve fully thawed out, cold and icy roads will remain to be an obstacle for your commutes. Dress warm, and enjoy the sun while it’s there! Continue reading

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Post-Thanksgiving Chill!

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving everyone! Only a single day after we enjoy our family’s company and our turkey dinners, we’ll face a bout of early winter weather. Continue reading

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Soggy Turkey Week

Things are kicking into high gear this week for Northwest weather. There’s a number of meteorological elements at play; but the bottom line for folks planning their Thanksgiving week is that it’s going to rain..a lot Continue reading

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Washington/Oregon Tornadic Outbreak!

November 23rd 10:30AM: Good morning everyone! We’ve got some crazy weather just south of Puget Sound along the WA/OR coast. Multiple tornado warnings have been issued as strong thunderstorms move onshore harboring strong rotation and possible waterspouts/tornadoes within them. Continue reading

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Active Weather Weekend

It’s going to be one of those mixed bag weather weekends. Friday saw persistent heavy rain, wind, and a good deal of snow in the mountains and passes. Continue reading

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Nature’s Not-So-Subtle Reminder – Week/Weekend Outlook

We’ve stepped into the week before Thanksgiving, and nature’s here to remind us which season we’re in. Our big protective hill of high pressure has broken and moved out; which means things are going to change fast. Out with the chilly temperatures and cloudless skies, and in with the all too familiar overcast, rainy, and breezy. Continue reading

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