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Nature’s Clockwork – The End of Summer

Summer is coming to a close on Monday, and like clockwork our weather is going to make a big switch this week to the more mild, wet and windy.

It will reach 80′F with mostly sunny skies all day today, but on Monday rain will start filling into our region and by Wednesday a cold front will drop up to half an inch of rain in Seattle.

The front is being carried in by a strong storm system from the Pacific that will move north of Vancouver Island. We can expect more systems like this to bring rain and wind as we move further into fall.

We’ll also have to keep an eye on windstorms, as during this time of year they can becomeĀ  quite potent. Compacting the danger, most trees won’t lose their leaves until December which makes all of our tall trees large targets for strong wind gusts.

Strong storm from late September last year.

Stay tuned to the Puget Sound Weather Geek blog and live stream as the weather changes. I’ll have updates on the long range forecasts with possibilities of weather impacts days in advance and have live broadcasts and discussions around approaching systems.

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Look for Northern Lights Tonight!

A class X solar flare erupted from the surface of the sun and is going to smash into our electromagnetic field. Continue reading

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Costly Beautiful Weather

Offshore flow is clearing out any chance of fog this morning as a high pressure system fills in above us. We’re going to see some lovely weather for the next week, clear skies and temperatures upwards of 80′F. Continue reading

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Windy in the Sound.

As we begin a warm weather streak for at least the next 6 days, we’ll experience a windy transition period Wednesday night as our flow pattern shifts from onshore to offshore. Continue reading

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Weather Update: Rainy Interruption and Long Term Rain Deficit?

Light showers are expected to form and move over the Puget Sound on Monday by around 4:00pm and last until late into the night. Continue reading

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A Fall Transition Tuesday with Thunderstorms!

Continue reading

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Return from Storm Chasing / Rainy to Sunny in the Forecast

I have returned from Arizona and will be resuming updates as usual on Puget Sound Wx Geek. I will be working on releasing a compilation video of footage and photographs from storm chasing over the last two weeks and will publish it here. Continue reading

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My Storm Chasing Adventure…

I have limited access to a computer with internet here in Arizona, so I apologize that the blog and live stream have been more or less neglected over the past few days. Continue reading

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Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued for Southern Washington!

Scattered Thunderstorms are expected in the area once again this afternoon and evening. They will be similar to yesterday’s storms that produce frequent cloud to ground lightning strikes due to the massively unstable atmosphere. Continue reading

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An Exciting Night of Storms and More to Come

Temperatures reached the mid 90s in the Western Washington lowlands on Monday while an upper level low pressure system surged into the Northwest region bringing colder upper levels and swaths of mid level moisture. These ingredients came together to generate strong, frequent lightning producing thunderstorms that tracked across the Lowlands and the Cascades.

Rain showers are expected to continue throughout this morning and storms will start becoming more likely by around 3PM this afternoon.

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