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Big Changes Ahead – Rainy Friday, Warm and Dry Weekend

Hey there! We’re going to start going through some fairly dramatic weather changes in the next few days so I’ll fill you in on the details.

As you can tell from the scattered showers across the region this morning, rain is on it’s way. We’ll be continuing the trend of warm and wet originating from another atmospheric river tapped into subtropical moisture, and even more havoc on the region’s ski areas. We’ll be spared the heaviest of the rainfall from the weather system, but we can still expect consistent rain to fall throughout the day on Friday, starting to turn into more scattered showers by Friday night.

Scattered light showers will still be around by Saturday morning, but we’ll see a big weather change start to occur. A strong hill of high pressure will build up over the western US this weekend which will save the weekend from the rain. Sunshine will return and reign for the majority of the weekend,  save for some high clouds that may filter in above the high. We’ll also see much warmer air than normal which may bring our daytime high temperatures up near, and possibly beyond 60’F; much warmer than normal for this time of year. The dry and warm conditions will remain for the first part of next week and rain will return by around late Tuesday into Wednesday.

Take advantage of this weekend, it’ll feel more like Spring than Winter!

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A Stormy Weekend

Good Friday evening everyone! Mother nature sure must hate weekends, because we’re going to get slammed with heavy rain and blustery winds this Saturday and Sunday.

Graphic I produced tonight for KOMO 4.

A strong system will traverse into the region with access to a large source of warm subtropical moisture from Hawaii. This all spells out some substantial rainfall for the region. The mountains will see 2-4″ of rain and the lowlands (us) will see 1-2″.

We’ll first see some light rain drops falling Saturday morning but the heavier showers will make their appearance late in the day. The heavy rain will make a march from the south and all of western Washington should be in the wet by about 8PM Saturday evening.

The next element of this storm system will be the possibility of some high winds. As the parent weather system landfalls on Canada, another surface low may develop and impact Vancouver Island. This scenario would create moderate winds for most of western Washington late Saturday night. This won’t be a particularly damaging storm, but winds may gust to 40mph in some exposed locations.

UW MM5 Weather Graphic: The bunched up lines represent higher wind speeds.

By the time the Seahawks vs. Packers game rolls around (noon Sunday), the weather should be calmed down a little, but a few scattered showers with a couple gusts of wind may still be in the picture.

Enjoy your mostly indoor weekend, and go Hawks!

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The Week Ahead – Atmospheric Rivers

Good morning! We’re starting the week off similarly to how last week ended; with more thick fog filling up the Puget Sound. This foggy and mild pattern will hold until late in the week. On Thursday, a strong frontal system may impact the region with some stormy weather playing out mostly on Thursday night into Friday morning. Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Recap – Clearing Out and Warmer

Hey everyone, happy new year! I’ve returned from my holiday trip in Switzerland, and it was amazing: Continue reading

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Christmas Week Weather

Welcome to the first week of Christmas. It’s a time of joyful reunions, gift giving, and chaotic travel. All of which may be affected by this week’s weather. Lets get into what you’ll see. Mother Nature will be bringing her bag of jumbled weather surprises for the week, most of which will cause complications for holiday travelers, and ski areas in the mountains. Continue reading

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Approaching Christmas Weather

Good evening everyone! Christmas is exactly one week away and it’s looking like the weather will be ramping up quite a bit before we get there. Continue reading

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Damaging Windstorm Update Article

UPDATED December 11th 7:00 PM: Hi everyone! This will be brief, I just got home and the winds are already starting to howl to over 50mph! Continue reading

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Record Breaking High Temps, and a Potentially Damaging Wind Storm!

Not sure which is more impressive, tomorrow’s possible wind storm or today’s record high temperatures in the upper 60s…in December! Thursday’s wind storm would certainly be more impactful, so lets get into that. Continue reading

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Prepare for a Wet Week!

You wouldn’t be blamed for taking this time of the year to escape the Northwest and visit some other warmer..or drier place. If you enjoy this wet or stormy weather however, then you’ll be excited about next week! Continue reading

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Temps Rise, Rain Returns – Thawing Out

We’ll be slowly crawling out of our cold spell throughout this week, but until we’ve fully thawed out, cold and icy roads will remain to be an obstacle for your commutes. Dress warm, and enjoy the sun while it’s there! Continue reading

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