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Nature’s Not-So-Subtle Reminder – Week/Weekend Outlook

We’ve stepped into the week before Thanksgiving, and nature’s here to remind us which season we’re in. Our big protective hill of high pressure has broken and moved out; which means things are going to change fast. Out with the chilly temperatures and cloudless skies, and in with the all too familiar overcast, rainy, and breezy.

A series of systems are beginning to trek across the Pacific Ocean to deliver our dose of storminess going into the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Here’s the forecast layout for the next few days:

Thursday: A disorganized storm system is swinging in a weak batch of rain late Wednesday night into early morning Thursday. We’re going to see spotty showers throughout the day with mild temperatures in the low 50s. Things start to dry out in the late afternoon.  Nothing special here.

Friday: Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. As Thursday’s weak front clears out, another stronger, and more robust storm slams into Canada just north of Vancouver Island. This front will leave some pretty hefty rain totals, and usher in some locally strong winds. At this point, the Seattle, Burien, and Tacoma areas look pretty weak for winds. Stronger gusts of 40-50mph could be felt in the northern Puget Sound.

Saturday: Another period of heavier rain will fall on Saturday in parts of interior western Washington as an upper level storm culls in some colder air in the upper atmosphere. This forecast is less certain, but will be clarified later.

Sunday: Sunday looks like a rerun of Thursday. Another strong system looks to be rushing in bands of heavy rain and possibly some higher winds in spots. This one will be watched as data comes in.

After the weekend, the weather prediction computer models get a bit sloppy, so most forecasters are going to hold off on next week until there’s a better consensus.

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Mid November Cold/Dry Spell – Internship of a Lifetime!

Hey readers! Here’s a quick update on our weather for the next few days, and I’ll get to some exciting news afterwards. Continue reading

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Incoming Intrusion of Bitter Cold and Winds!

Hey everybody, if you scroll up the page and look at the eight day forecast you’ll notice that the blue temperature bars drop super low starting on Tuesday. Low temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s on Wednesday! What’s going on?! Is it Winter already?! Continue reading

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A Break in the Storms – Chilly Nights Ahead!

We’ve finally received a much needed break from the rainy and stormy weather! A big hill of high pressure developed as Thursday’s storm migrated away. The surface pressure rapidly increased Thursday night and caused high winds to persist much longer than predicted. Winds gusted to over 40mph at Three Tree Point well after 6pm. Continue reading

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Moderate Winds Expected Thursday

A low pressure cyclone is set to landfall on southern Vancouver Island this morning and bring a number of impacts to the region. Continue reading

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Stormy Weather Ahead – Clearing on Friday

Waves of storms supplemented by an atmospheric river have brought breezy and wet weather to the Pacific Northwest. This is essentially business as usual for our corner of the country. Continue reading

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Saturday October 25th Windstorm Recap

Here’s a recap of the windstorm on October 25th. Continue reading

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Looking Forward

I’m currently writing an article detailing the forecast process leading up to, and the impacts from Saturday’s windstorm that knocked out power for nearly 100 thousand households in the Puget Sound region. Expect it to be released within the week. Continue reading

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Storm Update: It’s Going to be Windy!


Get ready Seattle, the final weather predictions are in! The storm system that forecasters have been watching for the last few days looks like it will smack into southern Washington as a moderately strong central low pressure this evening. Continue reading

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To Storm, or Not To Storm…

Take back everything almost everything I said in the previous article. It appears that our local weather models are having a tough time figuring out what this storm system is going to do next. Continue reading

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